Rob Ford and I, A Fairy Tale Friendship

My Email To Rob Ford

Hey Rob Ford, Whats up? Nothing? I’m great thanks for asking! I was wondering if you want to come to my house and hang out this weekend. We can drink beer (PBR) and play Mario Kart, you seem like the type of guy who is really good at Mario Kart. Unfortunately, I do not have any Crack 😉 (wink) I don’t know about you but I think this could be the start of a really good friendship, maybe even BFFs? Who knows, possibly. I’ve already taken the liberty of making some pictures for our scrap book, check them out!



me and rob ford 2

Rob and I at my highschool graduation!

Me and Rob Ford 1

Robby and I are twinsies!

rob and i 5

Rob helping me get ready for my sophomore homecoming!

rob political

You have my vote Rob!

So just shoot me an email back Bobby (I can call you that now right), and I can not wait to hear from you!
You’re future BFF,


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