40 Percent of America Says Hitting in Football Should be Banned Until High School

There are a few reasons this is the dumbest idea in the world and the person who came up with this idea should be kicked out of a window.

Kids learn how to hit in youth football, simple as that. It’s not like kids are Brandon Merriweathering each other at 5’2 80 pounds. This is the age where football players learn how to form tackle. It almost becomes like instinct to a player (speaking from my vast knowledge of middle school football (which is a big deal, makes me sort of a badass)). The only time big hits may come before highschool is 8th grade.

Hitting is apart of football, if you take away hitting football is just a gay version of soccer. You seriously can not take hitting away from football, or football will no longer exist. It’s like taking hitting and fighting away from hockey x10, you just can’t do it. Like taking Cheech from Chong.


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