Rob Ford Update

Honestly at this point if you don’t love Rob Ford then you just take everything way to seriously. Sure, maybe he has bought crack before.

2:35 mark, boom roasted


Sure he is going to wear a “Mayor Rob Ford” jersey and cowboy boots to work during a time where is under an incredibly amount of public scrutiny. Sure he will wear this jersey when he has the athletic ability of a rock.

Sure, he is going to say he doesn’t need to cheat on his wife because she puts out more than enough at home

But these are all the things that make Rob Ford so great. The guy is brutally honest. Something that is so rare in politicians today.

obama 3

Do I know what a sequester is? Absolutely not. Do I care? No. All I know is Obama lied about it.

So there you have it, Rob Ford may be a crack head, but at least he is a honest man. So when he gets sent away on a brick of ice, America should be there to pick him up and bring he back to the land of the free. And then we get this man into the Oval Office, because a Rob Ford run America is the America for you and me.


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