Week 10 NFL Weekend Recap

Well it’s that time of the week again, time for the Week 10 NFL Weekend Recap.

The games….

BAL 20 CIN 17

Someone should probably tell James Ihedigbo that it is unwise to pop up a pass in the air on a Hail Mary

Luckily the Bengals will always be the Bengals and go for it on 4th and 2 on the 50 in overtime and fail, leading to a Justin Tucker game winning field goal.

Kicker swag for dayz.

STL 38 IND 8

Phew, thought we had to worry about the Colts being for real for a minute. Not the same team without Reggie Wayne.

And how about the break out game for Tavon Austin

Justin Tucker and Tavon Austin 100 percent called each other and planned to do the Terio.

Both 0-8 teams got off the chopping block…

JAX 29 TEN 27

It’s your day of days Jaguars fans!!!

Group hug in the shower tonight!!

And the most Amurican’ Jaguars fan award goes to this guy

TB 22 MIA 19

The Buccaneers made as many Buccaneers plays as they could to lose this game, but still somehow won.

Also, The Dolphins really did miss Dirty Richie last night.

NO 49 DAL 17

America is getting weirder by the second

And Dwayne Harris died halfway through this game, but came back later in said game.

Oh and Dallas sucks and always will.

Quick break to watch Marvin Williams get demolished

CAR 10 SF9

Yeah probably wasn’t a good idea trading Alex Smith huh?

ARI 27 HOU 24

Yeah no one really cares about this game.

SEA 33 ATL 10

Well Atlanta continues to disappoint everyone.

But you still have “spank me” fan, so keep your head up Atlanta, there is hope.

NYG 24 OAK 20

How are the Giants still in the playoff race with this idiot leading them?

Oh yeah the NFC East is a joke.

photo (3)

Sadly enough the Giants will make the playoffs, but as long as Eli keeps playing horrible, they will be a one and done.

PHI 27 GB 13

Seneca Wallace throws just like Uncle Rico

(Yes this is from last weeks game but it is still true)

And Clay Matthews played with a wrecking ball on his hand.

And Green Bay needs Aaron Rodgers back.


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