Veteran’s Day

A lot of people across the country today are enjoying the luxury of having no school or not having to go to work, and they celebrate that. But that is not right. Today is the day to celebrate the people who give you the luxury of going to school, or the luxury of being able to choose your own job. Today is the day people like me should be thanking the men and women who give me the right to freedom of speech. Today is the day to celebrate the solders, past and present.
America is known as “Land of the FREE, and Home of the BRAVE. If it weren’t for the brave, America would not be the land of the free. When push comes to shove, the men and women of the armed forces are there to answer the call. Run towards trouble instead of away from it. But our solders do not only fight for America, they fight for the freedom of everyone across the globe. They fought Hitler and his regime, and today they fight the enemy in the Middle East to give their people basic human rights, rights that every man and women across the globe are inclined too. I thank all of our solders, past and present, and the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure my freedom, and the freedom of others.



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