Richie Incognito and Jay Glazer Interview

What have we learned from this interview?

  1. I wish my last name was Glazer
  2. My second choice for my last name would be Incognito
  3. Richie saying my actions “came from a place of love” may be the funniest thing I have ever heard. Richie you told Jonathon you were going to “shit in his mouth, going to slap his mother across the face, and were going to kill him”. Actually I retract my previous statement, if a girl came up to me and said that it would be love at first sight.
  4. Richie’s voice sounds as stupid as I thought it would.
  5. Richie’s hand motions are completely sporadic and are almost like a twitch.
  6. Richie looks exactly like Vikings center Joe Berger.
  7. Did Jay Glazer completely forget Riche is an “honorary black man” so using the “n-word” is completely acceptable (according to the Miami Dolphins)? I think he did.

 All of this being said, Jonathon Martin is still the biggest snake in the game today. If Richie’s claims are true and Jonathon pretty much made this whole thing up then he is the most spineless person on earth. Obviously Jonathon did not make up the vulgar messages Richie sent him, but he made up the effect and the true meaning they really had. Is Richie Incognito a bad person? Absolutely, there is no denying that. But Jonathon Martin played along with Richie’s games and when Richie asked him about it after Jonathon left the team, Jonathon played stupid and acted like nothing was going on, he made it look like he had nothing to do with the whole scandal. He made Richie the scapegoat when I get the feeling Richie was not the only one participating in this hazing. From what has been reported, this has been the culture of this Miami Dolphin’s Locker room. The Miami Dolphins locker room sounds a lot like Mississippi, just a dirty, grimy, racist place where packing dirty old swamp donkeys and spitting on each other is the norm. A place where telling someone else you are going to slap their mother and shit in their mouth comes from a place of love. All of that being said, Richie Incognito should be suiting up for the Monday Night Game vs. The Buccaneers tonight, and it is a shame that he is not. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

PS: Richie Incognito is 100 percent white trash, and he sure is in trouble. If you don’t think his choice beer is PBR then you don’t know Richie Incognito at all.


2 thoughts on “Richie Incognito and Jay Glazer Interview

  1. Alexander

    “How could you tell the American public that, in saying the n-word you’re not a racist?” “Right, right. Well, I’m not a racist”


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