Breaking Down the Most Ridiculous Music Video of All Time

Wow that was painful. The music video starts with an Asian guy doing god knows what with noodles which transforms into the spawn of Satin running around singing about Chinese Food. This translates into some of the worst lyrics in history, going toe to toe with Rebecca Black. The video progresses and the same asain guy who began the video brings her a fortune cookie. This is where this video gets really weird. For some reason she becomes friends with a panda bear. Now the Panda Bear turns out to be some black dude who likes playing monopoly with little girls. The video just gets worse for there.

But are these videos the biggest scam of all time? I mean no one in the world would ever listen to this song and be like “wow, great lyrics, great video!” No one is that crazy. They just know it is so bad that it is good. In other words, the song is so bad that it will get attention. And you know who is the mastermind behind all of this. The creepy mother fucker in the panda costume. Other videos like these such as “Friday” and “It’s Thanksgiving” have the same random black guy in them. This guy clearly goes around and finds untalented singers and turns them into internet sensations.

So is this guy a mastermind scam artist, tone deaf, or a diddler? That is for America to decide.


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