Celtic’s Improve to 3 and 4

After dropping the first 4 games of the season the Celtics have won three straight against Utah, Orlando, and surprisingly enough, the defending champions Miami Heat. The Celtics should have won against the Bucks, when they lead by 20 in the 3rd, but blew the lead and ultimately ended up losing. So lets call that a fluke game. The Celtics could be 4 and 3, and wouldn’t you know, they would be tied with the Heat in the Eastern Conference.

Now I’m not an unrealistic person, I don’t think this is a championship team, even when Rajon Rondo returns. But it is a team that looks promising moving forward. That being said, this is a team I do believe can get an 8 seed in the playoffs, when Rondo is back.

Jeff Green looks like he could be a potential star player in the league, if he isn’t already one. So far this season he has been leading this team 4 out of the first 7 games. Now I’m not saying Jeff Green is better than LeBron James, because he is not. But he has a chance to lead this team and be one of the elite players in the league.

Olynyk and Faverani both look like potential starters in the league, so having them on the same team is a good thing. You need a good big man in the NBA to win games, and both these guys fill that void. Faverani dominated in that loss to the Bucks, where he had 12 points and 18 rebounds. and is averaging 6 points and 5 rebounds in and average of 14 minutes per game. But anyone who watched that game vs. the Bucks knows Faverani has some real potential in the league, as he really took over the paint in that game. Olynyk on the other hands looks like more of a scoring center that Faverani, and he can still rebound. Out of all the rookies on this team, I like Olynyk’s upside the best.

The Celtics need a true point guard if they want to be competitive on a nightly bases. Look at the game vs. Detriot for example, after the Celtics made a 10-2 run to make the game 79-77 Courtney lee made a horrible cross court pass that turned the ball over. Avery Bradley has been been playing well, and led the comeback against Detriot, but also made two turnovers in the final 2 minutes. Obviously this team needs Rondo, who has been taking on the leadership role off the court, as he has been traveling with the team despite being able to suit up. The Celtics do not want to rush back Rondo, and it would be an unwise move to do so. So why not give Phil Pressey a shot? He is the team’s only active pure point guard, and if you’ve watched the Celtics at all this year, you can see when he is in the team looks a little bit smoother, and he does all of the little things right. He makes all of the hustle plays, and that is a rarity in the NBA. I say you give him a shot.

Gerald Wallace brings veteran leadership this team needs going forward in order to be successful. And the guy can still play. There have been rumors Danny Ainge will shop him around the trade deadline, and sure that is the good move if you are trying to tank for Wiggins, but as a Celtics and sports fan in general I would hate to see the Celtic’s go that route. This is a rebuilding year, I get that, but as I previously stated this is a young team that I do think could steal the 8th playoff spot in a bad Eastern Conference. And being a young team, playoff experience would be huge moving forward. And it would be an interesting first round series against what would most likely be the Heat, that would be fun to watch. Not saying they would win, but the Celtics would play them hard, so who knows, maybe we could shock the world.




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