The Richie Incognito Saga Just Keeps Getting Better

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So what, Richie Incognito held meetings at strip clubs? Would you rather have your boss hold meetings at Applebee’s or Chuck-E-Cheese? At least at these meetings you can make it rain? What is making it rain you ask?


Speaking of making it rain, Richie, it is probably a bad idea to sexually harass a women at a golf club while yelling “make it rain!”. Not in your best interest. Anyways, at his point I pretty much just picture Richie Incognito as Danny Mcbride in “This is the End”. Might be the most accurate portrayal of him.

And he one hundred percent has his gimp, probably was trying to make Jonathon Martin it.

But really, I still sort of feel Richie is getting victimized. Did we really just forget Tiger Woods was trying to give women “golden showers“?

 America has such a short memory, we will forget about this story in 2 months, but until then, never change Richie.


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