Mississippi Abolishes Slavery in 2013, Wait What?

Story here.

You know that one family member you have that is really just a grimy person? Chain smokes, has that weird smell to them, always has a little dirt on him. Kind of looks like this.

 Well that’s how Mississippi is to the rest of the United States. Really just the underbelly of society. The lowest of the low. I can’t think of a single person who would choose to go down and live in Mississippi. It’s something your born into really, like AIDS. If you are born in Mississippi, you die in Mississippi, there is no leaving. Maybe that’s why they are so behind in this “slavery is immoral and wrong” thing the rest of the country has going for the last 148 years.

How can a state in our country just be abolishing slavery this day in age? I mean obviously I don’t think people still practiced slavery, but come on now. I guess anything goes in the dirty south.


One thought on “Mississippi Abolishes Slavery in 2013, Wait What?

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