Today in the Richie Incognito vs. Jonathon Martin Saga

An update on the Richie Incognito vs. Jonathon Martin Scandal.

Today, many veteran players have come to the defense of Incognito and said he was always just messing around with him. And I believe it. Everyone knows guys make fun of each other in a joking manner, like calling your friend a jew or making fun of his mom, its all in good fun. I mean I don’t understand how Jonathon Martin heard Incognito say “I’m going to shit in your mouth” and took it seriously. Did he lay awake at night and tremor, thinking Incognito could sneak into his house at any second and drop a big ole steamer in his mouth. I mean come on now Jonathon. Once you hear something like that take it like a joke, like anyone else in the world would do.

Also funny how Jonathon came out with this “bullying” claim 3 days after he lost his job to Bryant Mckinnie. He realized he lost his job, so why not try and destroy the team. It’s like a 300 pound 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum.

Oh, and Richie was considered an “Honorary Black Man” by his teammates, so he can’t be a racist, so that covers up that end.

Also another thing I find funny is that a dog killer and a rapist are suiting up this weekend but Richie isn’t. Let that one sink in.

PS: Sneaky play by one of Richie teammate today saying Richie was drunk when he left the voicemail. Going with the Rob Ford, Riley Cooper, and Charlie Kelly excuse. My money is it gets him off.

Why can’t that excuse work in real life?


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