The Richie Incognito Saga

If you have not read the story on Richie Incognito and Jonathon Martin read it here.

Who is too blame here? Richie? No. The Dolphins? No. You blame the “victim” Jonathon Martin here.

First off, Jonathon Martin is a 300 pound man. The fact that he said Richie was “Bullying” him is the most insane thing I have ever heard in my life. I thought bullying only happened in middle/high school. When you are a 300 pound man you stand up for yourself. Sure, Richie looks like he is straight out of the Aryan Nation, but still, come on Jonathon. Mike Wilbon said it best on PTI:

“You walk up too him (Incognito) and you punch him in the face.”

If Jonathon did that, this whole hazing would of stopped and the world would of never heard about it. But now, the world does know about it, and you just put a major distraction on your playoff hopeful team. You split a locker room in two and if this destroys the Dolphins it will be all your fault.

PS. Love this picture



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