NFL Weekend Wrap Up Week 8

Here is another weekend wrap up of what went down in the NFL

CAR 31 TB 13

Cam Newton is feeling right at home

So is Marshall Faulk.


SF 42 JAX 10

Kind of what we are all thinking

Except this guy

But for the love of god Roger Godell please do not move the Jaguars to London, I mean look at these guys.

They look like a gayer version of the cast of cats. I mean for Pete’s Peppers these may be the worst fans on earth. Fucking Brits.

But the Jaguars are heading into a bye week, is it possible to lose that too? 0-16.

NYG 15 PHI 7

The sad thing is the Giants are only 2 out of the division lead, playoff bound.

Eli had to sell his soul to do so, but at least they are back in it!

NO 35 BUF 17

With fans like these can you actually lose?

But you probably shouldn’t let Drew Brees run around in the pocket.

NE 27 MIA 17

Marquice Cole and Devin Mccourty for the Men’s Olympic Vollyball team!

Love the name Marquice by the way. I can’t imagine seeing your child being born and being like “that’s a Marquice if I’ve ever seen one.”

KC 23 CLE 17

How bad must it suck to be from Cleveland? The Indians tease you this year by almost making the playoffs then the Brown tease you by winning three straight then dropping two in a row. The only good news for the Browns coming out of this game is Jason Campbell actually looks like he isn’t that bad. I am sure going to miss Brandon Weeden, one minute you see him, the next minute he some how misses a giant flag being spread out over the field and gets taken under and is gone forever. Goodnight sweet prince.

But really that should of been a warning to the Browns he was a horrible NFL quarterback. If you can’t see a giant flag coming across the field how do you expect to see a NFL corner back coming across to pick you off?

DET 31 DAL 30

Dallas choked in the final minute? You’ve cat to be kitten me!

And Dez Bryant threw a temper tantrum on the side line?! Now flipping way!

Love how the random assistant coach just looked at him and then walked away. Not taking Dez serious for a minute.

I think Jason Witten would be the last person in the world I would want yelling at me. I would just drop dead right there.

Oh and Calvin Johnson had 329 receiving yards to go along with a touchdown.

Dez Bryant said last week “I can do whatever Calvin can do” well obviously not seeing you had 72 receiving yards and threw a teenage girl size tantrum on the sidelines.

OAK 21 PIT 18

I mean I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be but if you let the Quarterback have a 92 yard Touchdown run, untouched, on the first play of the game, you’re going have a bad time.

CIN 49 NYJ 9

Yup the Jets won their Super Bowl off a blown call vs. The Patriots. It is all down hill from here.

Sorry Rex

ARI 27 ATL 13

Most shocking game of the day for me, I thought Arizona was really bad, I mean they still are but I guess the Falcons are just worse.

Matt Ryan just simply has no one to throw too.

DEN 45 WAS 21

Maybe I was a little off with this pic, but the Redskins did lead 21-7 early in the third quarter, but then they played like the Redskins and it all went downhill from there. RG3 should of probably taken the year off to heal that knee, if he can’t run he is as ineffective as it gets.

The bottom line is RG3 is not a pocket passer. He is a mobile Quarterback and if he can’t open up the secondary by running the ball himself, he is as ineffective as it gets.

GB 44 MIN 31

The Vikings are really bad, but check out Cordarrelle Paterson’s Kick Off Return

Random, but how annoying are those discount double check commercials at this point, especially the ones with The Bears Fan’s. Every time I see one I want to smash my TV.


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