The Boston Sports Conspiracy

After another ridiculous call against Boston Sports I feel like Charlie Kelly working in the mailroom. There is a conspiracy against Boston Sports that will rock the sports world to its core.

As you may know Boston has been known as “title town” in recent years.

And I think the sporting world, and the nation is unhappy with it. Here are a few examples of critical blown calls in huge games, in pivotal moments of those games, against Boston Teams.

Game 2 Eastern Conference Finals Against Heat

Clear foul on D-Wade against Rondo that completely changed the game and the series. Instead of 2 free throws at the line in a tie game the Heat get a fast break to go up by 2. The Heat go on to win that game and take a 2-0 lead on the Celtics in the series. The Heat go onto win that series 4-3. Who to blame?

Stern. Everyone knows about the NBA conspiracy theories, and if you don’t, you should read up on them. I’m not going to waist my time here (more than I already am) spelling them out to you. But the Boston Sports Conspiracy does not end here.

Patriots Broncos 2005 Playoffs

If you are a New England Sports fan you remember this game for its atrocious refereeing. Remember Champ Bailey’s 101 yard pick off, when Ben Watson chased Champ Bailey down at the one yard line and Bailey fumbled the ball out the back of the end zone, but it was ruled out at the one? I do.

Cleary a touchback. Big because the Patriots would of gotten the ball back at the 20 instead of the Broncos scoring a touchdown from one yard out.

Putin Steals Robert Krafts Super Bowl Ring

Putin, badass of the century, just ups and steals Krafts Super Bowl Ring. Trying to erase the Patriots Super Bowl Victory and make us “average” like the damn commie he is. But he is still just a pawn to the mastermind of this whole god damn operation.

Yes, that is Vladimir Putin.

Jets Patriots 2013

Recent example, obviously a stupid call. Read more about it here

Red Sox Cardinals Last Night

The Obstruction Call

Middle Brooks made a play on the ball and did all he could to get out of the basepath. The one footed gimp Allen Craig is just a huge cocksmooch and decided to make a Lebron Style Flop over Middlebrooks because he knows he is slow as shit. Jim Joyce again being the center of attention makes a stupid call.

(Rape Fruits, Solid Youtube Username Game)

Close Play

Another LeBron flop cause fuck him

Anyways, you see where I am going with this. The Sports world has been trying to screw Boston Sports sense we started winning everything. And to me there is only one reasonable explanation. The man who wants to make everyone equal…..

obama 3

Socialist Baphoon wants us all to be equal, well here is where we start. Everyone gets to win Championchips! Even stupid cities like St. Louis! He starts with universal healthcare reform, now sports world reform. Duck Obama.

Things we have learned from this blog:
1. Obama is at the source of every problem.
2. My Paint Skills are out of this world.
3. LeBron is a bitch

There you have it, the Boston Sports Conspiracy.


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