NFL Weekend Recap

Here is recap of this weekends NFL games.

SD 24 JAX 6

If you are in a survival pool, roll with teams playing Jasonville, they may just go 0 16.<

WAS 45 CHI 41

Goodbye Cutler, Goodbye Briggs, Goodbye Bears!

And can you be a worse person than Brandon Meriweather? Seriously I think everyone hates him.

DAL 17 PHI 3

Nick Foles is the next Kevin Kolb

Lets hear what Eatdatpussy445 had to say about this loss.

But here is a serious question, if a sloot on twitter offers you to eat pastrami off her ass after a loss, did you really loose?


Probably, Cause you will get AIDS. Or Pink Eye

CIN 27 DET 24

I’ve said it once and ill say it again, AJ Green is the best wide receiver in the NFL.

NYJ 30 NE 27

You can read my recap about this here. short version, Patriots got jewed.

BUF 23 MIA 21

Oh how the Dolphins have fallen.

PIT 19 BAL 17

If you don’t think the Steelers are going to win the AFC North then you don’t know anything about anything

photo (3)

Browns suck, Ravens suck because they don’t have a murderer leading there team, Bengals will collapse.

KC 17 16

Kansas City is a sneaky bad 7-0 team, I think.

By the way Andy Reid is the Kool Aid man.

ATL 31 TB 23

Tampa Bay sucks, and is really gross.

Goodbye Greg Schiano

GB 31 CLE 13

Cleveland still has Brandon Weeden, so they still suck.

Sweet Throw!


IND 39 DEN 33

Broncos lost to the Colts?! Time to jump on the Luck Bandwagon ESPN!

And Pat Mcfee took out Trindon Holiday.

But looking at his picture I don’t see why people are surprised.

NYG 23 MIN 7

Josh Freeman is really bad

The Vikings Offensive Coordinator should be fired for throwing the ball 50 times when he has Adrian Peterson.

And Eli won!



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