Patriots vs Jets Recap

Well that was a horrible call. Either way the Patriots deserved to lose this game.

First things first, what a fucking horrible call. Just plain awful. You can not make a call like that at that point of the game no matter what. Ever. Terrible. This has been happening around the NFL all year, The Jets did it earlier in the game for Christ sakes! And no call. Absolutely Brutal. And anyone comparing this call to the tuck rule is a moron. The Tuck rule had been being called throughout the 04 season, this has never been called. If the tuck rule was not called, people would have been up in arms about it. If this call wasn’t called, people would of never of noticed it. Game would of continued on as usual, and that to me is the biggest difference. Brutal call.

All of that being said, the Pats did deserve to lose this game. Brady has looked bad as of late. He has been inaccurate and he looked to Gronk to often this game. It was predictable. He missed on a crossing route which led to a pick 6. He missed a wide open Dobson down the sideline. Bottom line is Brady has to be better if we want any shot at a Super Bowl. Zero touchdown passes in the last 2 out of 3 games is simply unacceptable.

At least our division still sucks balls so we should have no problems making the playoffs.

Oh and Rex Ryan is still a creepy, foot-loving, shit stain.


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