Patriots, Saints Recap

It wasn’t pretty, but then again it rarely is. If you give Tom Brady 3 chances in the final 3 minutes to win the game, he will win the game. The real hero of this game was not Tom Brady though, it was The Patriots Defense.

*The Pats D gave Brady and the offense to ice the game when they intercepted Drew Brees deep in Saints territory, but Brady and the offense couldn’t put up 7 to ice the game.

*The D held the Saints to zero first downs in their final three drives.

*The D bailed Brady out after he threw up a prayer to the 5’10 Edelman, who was double covered.

*Aqib Talib shut down held Jimmy Graham to zero catches on the day, which completely threw the saints pass game out of sync.

But in the end, giving the most clutch quarterback of all time 3 chances to win a game in the final 3 minutes will ALWAYS come back to haunt you.

*Brady’s final drive down the field was nothing short than magnificent.

*For now on, when Dobson or Thompkins drop a ball, can we not call for there heads? Both players made huge catches on the final drive. Dobson getting out of bounds on a Brady fake spike, and obviously the touchdown to Thompkins.

*Austin “Mashed Potato Brains” Collie made two big catches on the final drive as well, it will be interesting to see if he will be more involved in the offense after Amendola was knocked into another dimension (How high was Sean Payton’s bounty on him)?

*Ridley got the running game churning, it is great to see him back.

The best part of this whole game was the look on Rob Ryan’s face after his defense let up the final touchdown. He went from celebrating on the sideline to complete and utter disappointment. It’s how I picture his face after he rumbles down to his fridge at mid-night looking for a half of cake to divulge, but only to realize his wife already beat him to it

Next week we face the Jets and the other Ryan brother, which is a game we should dominate after beating the formally 5-0 Saints. But in typical Patriots fashion, we all know it will be a close one. Patriots win 17-13.



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