NFL Weekend Rap Up

Here is a Recap of what went down this past weekend in the NFL.

CHI 27 NYG 21
The Giants are 0-6, and I can’t tell if Eli has a hint of downs, or if he has a concussion. Either way, I do not understand how we lost 2 Super bowls to this Jabroni(Can I use that as a football term, or is it strictly for hockey)

STL 38 HOU 13

Matt Schuab destroys every quarterback he touches, including TJ Yates. Stay classy Houston.

GB 19 BAL 17
Joe Flacco continues to suck and it makes me so happy. The ESPN analyst saying he was elite at the start of the year for one good post season was hysterical. If his WR’s didn’t make a few big plays for him yesterday his numbers would have been garbage. Also, the Ravens continue to show how they are the dirtiest team in the league, probably because they were led by a football player, turned murderer, turned football player, turned annalist right?

PHI 31 TB 20

Nick Foles made a play for Vick’s job, that’s for sure.
N. Foles (PHI) – 296 YDS, 3 TD, 1 RUSH TD

PIT 19 NYJ 6
Big Ben had a good day, and The Jets are back to being The Jets. All is well in the world.

KC 24 OAK 7

For some reason I feel The Chiefs are one of those sneaky bad teams that are undefeated, and they will get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

And are belly shirts back in?

What about Jorts?
DET 31 CLE 17

Well the Hoyer magic is gone, and now you’re stuck with Brandon Weeden. What do you really expect? Maybe Farve will come back?

Why can’t I get paid to do this?

SEA 20 TEN 13

Seattles punter may have been drunk, and I don’t think Steven Hauskaha knows what planet is he on.

DEN 35 JAX 17

John Fox had Jacksonville with points. ESPN is ready to hop on the Peyton/Broncos Bandwagon though!

This is how ESPN annalist are with Peyton, even kind of looks like Rovell
SF 32 ARI 20

Will Larry Fitzgerald ever have another good quarterback throw to him again?

The answer is no.

DAL 31 WAS 20
Everyone realizes Shannohan ruined RG3’s career right?

Oh and Tony Romo has a really hot wife.


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